Our Primary pillar and the reason we exist, Performance. Our signature F.A.S.T class and our Athletic Diagnostics are our differentiator. We set a standard through data and coach based off of it. Getting you or your athlete to their goals should not be a game of chance, train at The Fit Faction and Perform everywhere else.



Real-Time Data

How do we gather our data and run our Athletic Diagnostics?

1. Vald SmartSpeed™ Timing Gates

No more guessing times or outdated timing methods. SmartSpeed is trusted by the world’s most elite athletes, teams and leagues, where every thousandth of a second counts. Our timing gates allow us to see how the athletes are performing throughout the different phases of the program, It drives intent as athletes will give their best effort knowing each rep is being timed but most importantly, they help develop acceleration and top-end speed by giving athletes the most accurate numbers in real-time.

2. Vald ForceDeck™

These Wireless dual-force plates analyze balance, strength and movement strategies in a range of exercises and jumps. We use our Forcedecks to gauge neuromuscular strength and imbalance across positions that have direct correlation to an athletes’ sport performance. The data we receive from these tests allow us to create a force-velocity profile for individual clients that allow us to optimize any trainee’s potential.

Functional Athletic Speed Training for Youth
In youth sports, speed is the ultimate separator. Our signature F.A.S.T program focuses on Acceleration, Max Velocity and Change of Direction. Athletes will learn first-step quickness, correct posture for optimal speed, and change of direction strategies to use in all sports. Along with a comprehensive strength program, our Central Nervous System (CNS) Prep will help athletes develop better tissue and tendon quality, which in return, will help athletes achieve their ultimate goal: staying injury free. By using our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) drills, we will build a better understanding of how to develop break-away speed and learn how to effectively change direction with ease. No matter what sport they play, the skills taught in this program will be absolutely imperative for the youth athlete to become faster and stronger.